Ministry of Loose Ends: your LAST chance!

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Ministry of Loose Ends: your LAST chance!

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 27, 2008 7:00 pm

At the end of the 'Age of the Gentiles', as the 'Body of Christ' (Romans thru Philemon) is completed, my ministry of Loose Ends is your Last Chance!!!
[Pay especial attention to the posts on this site, "Who is God??", "True Spirituality", "What's wrong with the human race? A remedy!!" and "The Reason for Faith"!!!]

----->Currently, Romans 10:9 is the only open door to Eternal Life; the key to that door is Faith in the fact that Jesus Christ is GOD Himself (John 1:1)
......In the GOOD NEWS BIBLE, the proof is that John 8:24 b equals Exodus 3:14-----John 3:3-7 only states that you must find that door!)

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