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The people's REAL war::great satan

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The people's REAL war::great satan Empty The people's REAL war::great satan

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:28 pm

["The very real "great satan"]
----For years ignorance & emotion have clouded the issue when Arabs, or anyone else, point to some country or people and call them "the great satan". (As Iraq cleric al-Sadr has done.)
When will people learn that Satan, himself, IS the 'great satan'? [The very real, as REAL as YOU are, and been around longer, fallen angel Lucifer, who incites and murders the human race, daily.]
With the fallen angel's deceptive, negative, manipulative influence gone, a lot of the human race's problems would vanish overnight!
We only need to learn how they function:: tampering with our thoughts, feelings & emotions, and then inciting us against each other; they are even using our own satellites against us!! {Does any human know the combined effects of all the satellite frequencies beamed at us constantly, hitting you simultaneously?!?
(--->"An eye for an eye will only leave the world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi )
~We must learn how to ignore them by instituting a planet-wide truce between all people, while we sort out our own humanity!
--->Make Love, not war!! {***Love is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests, anytime, anywhere, selflessly! 24/7.....***The real thing applied never fails!}
.........."The greatest trick the devil has ever pulled is convincing the world that he doesn't exist"....["The Usual Suspects"]
Not only have the fallen angels [satan & the demons] invaded OUR territory successfully (Earth**), but they have also invaded the privacy of our minds!
They can put a thought in your head in your own 'thought voice', making you believe it is "your" thought, and you then follow their lead accordingly thinking that is you & what you want to say or do!  ~Take back your own soul~
Our minds & thought process are OUR business, not theirs!
[GOD, the 'Maker of All Things', has said: **"The earth and the moon belong to Mankind." NIV] Arrow Idea  Like a Star @ heaven
---Ignorance is something that you don't know, when you really needed it!--- Cool
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