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Why fight over the 10 Commandments?!?

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Why fight over the 10 Commandments?!? Empty Why fight over the 10 Commandments?!?

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:29 pm

Why fight over the 10 Commandments indeed...
.....they have passed away, along with the rest of the Jewish religious law, the 1st ten of which Moses brought down from the Mount.
....Christ fulfilled that "law" and replaced it with Love.....and a second is like it; 'make sure that your neighbor has it just as good as you do'!
[The more "rules" or laws, Thomas Jefferson said, the less love & more lawless society becomes; like today]! When the Apostle Paul took God's commission to go to the gentiles (non-jew; because Israel refused the Messiah & "the great commission"), Paul's God-inspired 13 letters [Romans thru Philemon] became the groundwork for the new Body of Christ covenant ("church"), that has been in effect now for 2,000 years! As for the 10...[actually there were more than 300 ordinances]...10 "commandments", you might as well make a shrine of your expired driver's license!

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