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A film, The Passion, and the Middle East~

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A film, The Passion, and the Middle East~ Empty A film, The Passion, and the Middle East~

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:31 pm

People's complaints about the film [even though God has said, commanded, that no one make ANY images of Him] seem somewhat groundless, since Christ WAS brutally used & murdered (a historical fact);
that the Jews & Romans did it (although no one alive today had anything to do with it, and grudges shouldn't be re-lived or guilt misplaced) is also fact.......
........but their facts, not ours.
Like the Israeli-Arabian conflict, we shouldn't relive and fight the hates and wars of our dead ancestors, but forge out a peaceful life of our own!
We are on the planet now, alive, and with enough brain cells still intact to remove the decaying shroud of past failure!

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