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Do we really NEED celebrities?!?

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Do we really NEED celebrities?!? Empty Do we really NEED celebrities?!?

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:32 pm

Years ago, when movies & TV came about, local talent that performed for the community lost out everywhere, replaced by "celebrities" on the screen & "tube"....a lot of talent was wasted!
There are some local theatre groups, but many don't have a venue for their talents, and end up in misery with jobs they hate just to earn $money$.
No wonder there are so many unhappy people across each country that has mass entertainment.
We need to encourage local programming everywhere, and give a spot for people to blossom their talents; and, do away with the "star system" that pays obscene salaries & attention to just a few [sports "celebrities", too] who now consider themselves "gods & goddesses" [with copy-cat attitudes infesting many everywhere], who think they are above the law (Winona Ryder) and the rest of us & act like it!!!
Help to free mankind from inequality!

[by Doug Doolittle]: In his book, Errol Flynn wrote that "celebrities are manifestations of mass hysteria; all I know is, this is a different world than it was before the cinema; idealists do more for society than movie stars as public figures, who are national folklore on the screen but not in real life". Celebrities create inequality !

[By Captain Kirk]: "Inequality" has been around a long time, unfortunately in the place it should never have been a part of, the USA [one thing that has kept the USA from achieving its' true potential]; celebrities {"stars"--sports, movies, TV or otherwise} reinforce inequality today!

[By Dale C]----Posted: 07/03/04 05:42:00 PM
I don't think we need celebrities...after 9-11 Larry King and all the other tv talk show host said the real celebrities should be the police and firemen and they stopped interviewing celebrities for a while but that changed real quick, don't know why...must have been "orders from headquarters" read Dubya and co...

[By Keeper of the Flame]: Do we really NEED celebrities??
NO!!! This world system destroys equal opportunity for everyone! ALL must be equal, for humanity to work right; not just a favored, pampered few [who mostly abuse their position and act like they are inherently superior, forgetting where they came from]!!!
...............Abraham Lincoln said that "Equal opportunity for every American was the un-finished work of America"!..............

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