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Discipling 2 letters Ch. 1

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Discipling 2 letters Ch. 1 Empty Discipling 2 letters Ch. 1

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(Discipling is two-way teaching/living it: it is much more than tutoring or mentoring............................
ayanyimika ayanlola wrote:
Thanks for the knowledge you are imparting unto me; did you mean laying on of hands is not scriptural?, and that it is only for the apostles that had the right to it? What of when Jesus said "greater works shall you do"; what did he mean by that when he said "and these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out demons, they shall lay hands on their sick and they shall recover, that they shall speak with unknown tongues"??. I always taught if we are looking for the signs of a believer, we should check out for this Logos, this emblem, these signs.
I taught that Jesus says in Acts1, vs. 8: "that but ye shall receive power (the dynamic ability to cause changes); after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses (proof producer) unto me".....
Sir, I've got a listening spirit, and I'd like to know your own side of the story. I so much believe in you. I am on line for a while. Hope to hear from you.
Your son in Christ
[[ This is the Holy Spirit's "side of the story" ]] It is ALL invisible faith; to God, "greater works" are faith alone, not "wow", tangible stuff.....Christ got mad at people because they always wanted to see "signs", and would not believe by simple faith [Hebrews 11:1 Read it!!!] Our works, like prayer, are to be invisible like the Holy Spirit live in a world where everyone has to "see" something before they "believe".....well, that is not true belief ! We heal by prayer alone, and touching someone isn't called for by the Holy Spirit since the word of God was complete and written down for everyone to read.....those things happened while the Apostles were alive--- because nothing was written down yet, and God wanted to "show" that these were His men....but all that [signs, touch healing, tongues, visions, dreams, water baptism, "miracles", etc.] passed away when the best, faith, was in full power as God's word was completed [about AD 70-80]. There are still miracles, healings, deliverances today, but by prayer, and nothing you can see until the person is healed or not...obviously, you can see that a person is better or not! {{Read ALL of Paul's letters, 13 of them, Romans thru Philemon in the GOOD NEWS BIBLE-1976 edition, if you can find one, or any GNB, and use it only!! this! Read it, before you do anything else except eat and sleep.....remember that the signs were only to confirm the Apostles in those days; it was no longer needed when the "fullness of scripture had come in"}} About healing, Christ said those things to Israel, the Kingdom church, which is still on hold now because they rejected the Messiah.....for the last 2,000 years it has been the Body of Christ church, made up mostly of us gentiles, or non-jews. The Apostles are all dead [don't call me one]; you had to actually see Christ on earth to be an apostle (Paul saw Christ above him when he was converted in Acts--ch.9; he was the last to become an Apostle. I am Chief Ambassador on this planet that you are on.....Christians are "ambassadors for Christ" and our citizenship is now in Heaven, not on earth; and we are to represent a foreign power (GOD) down here on earth! {In such matters as witnessing, teaching, praying, etc.} FAITH alone! "Signs" is not faith; you can "see" signs...we are to "walk by faith, NOT sight". I take your use of the term, that you have a "listening spirit" [I like that], for the term "teachable spirit" is good......put it to use here and get your doctrine straight. In order for a person to have the Holy Spirit, it is He that saves and indwells, if you are "saved", with eternal life. It happens 'all at the same time' get saved and are given "gifts" or a "gift" to use in your ministry.....nothing more should be sought or claimed [[incidentally, "logos" means "the living word"--Christ]] ....what is needed is real study, praying for humility & wisdom, and putting good doctrine into practice. What you described in the village is the false 'emotionalism of religion' [I am a true Christian, I have nothing to do with "religions"...they only work on the surface, not down deep]; the false 'emotionalism of religion' that satan pumps people up with, only to let them down later after the "missionaries" are gone, going from one false "fix" to another with misery in-between, and no real improvement in their over-all lives {proof??: the present condition of the world}......real discipleship involves itself with people, the same people on an everyday basis, with no isolation of the individuals within the community!.....What you are involved in is what most people are involved in that have bad doctrine {or, are fakes}....(it is everywhere!)....and that is the mixing of 2 covenants (with their own pagan rituals).....the 2 covenants mixed are the "kingdom church" (of the days you read about in the Gospels and the early days of Acts; "signs" were given to Israel, that it was still lost), and the Body of Christ church-covenant, that wasn't started until Paul became an Apostle and God sent him to us, the gentiles. The Kingdom covenant is on "hold" (suspended) until Christ's physical return to stand on the earth and the Millennial Kingdom is un-suspended (taken off "hold") as God deals with Israel again as He promised to do. The Body of Christ covenant or church (which means an assembly of believers) is founded on faith alone these 2,000 years. Bad doctrine is caused by satan & humans to prevent real Christians from walking by faith alone, and keeping them powerless as to its' real effects (1 Corinthians 1:17, 18). Read ALL the articles on the web sites and remember that true Christianity is not a sideshow, not an 'emotion festival', not a pagan party of rolling, jumping, or is listening obediently to the quiet inner-core voice of the Holy Spirit [not "Holy Ghost":: a ghost is the soul of a dead person, but not God Himself---the King James Version is a bad translation, 400 years old+ with serious flaws that hurt people"s understanding].....again, listening to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, using the word you have studied to issue the quiet power of salvation to others, and guidance to yourself and others. We can sing and be happy about it, but all I see on this earth are pagan festivals, practiced for centuries, now dressed up in a so-called "christian suit" or veneer; but it is still the same pagan stuff! I wish we could meet together in person each day for teaching and fellowship.....come get me and I'll come to your country and help out; mine, the USA is about ready to destroy itself. It is so far away from God, even though it still helps protect Israel. Pray this prayer every day....."Lord God, I pray you strip away all my soulish pride; I pray for wisdom...please give it to me generously and graciously; and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem {Pray the whole prayer out of Psalms 122: 6-9}, in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, Amen!" Get to real work, and let me hear from you EACH day! James

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