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Can a REAL believer lose salvation [eternal life] ??

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Can a REAL believer lose salvation [eternal life] ?? Empty Can a REAL believer lose salvation [eternal life] ??

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:36 pm

[Eternal Life :: definition: John 17:3 -"and eternal life means to know you, the only true God, even [and] to know Jesus Christ, whom you sent"; [one and the same], in Heaven as GOD the Father, and on earth as Christ the Son at the same time.
God is "omnipresent", or, can be in two or more places at the same time {only God can do this}.

The "son of God" means God Himself coming as his own messenger]
*** Can salvation be lost?
No!!! We didn't chose God, he chose us. He found us when we weren't even looking for him. He bought us for a price, his blood; we are His property, his possession.
We have the stamp of ownership on us, the Seal of the Holy Spirit [you would have to be stronger than GOD to break that seal]!
He tells us that we are no longer "our own" because of the price he paid for us.
How can I lose my salvation when I am not mine to lose?
If salvation could be lost, it would not be called Eternal Life (lasting forever); it would be called "conditional life".
The sin against the Holy Spirit, the blasphemy of which few now understand, could only be committed while Christ was on the earth, when the accusers said that what he was doing was of satan.
It has not been committed since He departed the earth!
When Christ died on the cross, He paid for ALL the sins ever committed by everyone; once you are saved, all of YOUR sins are forgiven: past, present and future. It doesn't give you a license to sin, but a new responsibility; there is no sin that you can commit outside of that forgiveness that would cause you to lose your salvation; it is all covered by his blood!
Only bad doctrine, arrogance, or faked christianity challenges the heavenly doctrine from the Throne itself, that assures every true believer to never look backward in worry about their fate, assured to go forward and "fight the good fight", "hold your ground", resting on the promise that the "helmet of salvation" will never come off !!
Can a believer lose his salvation? Never!!!
A fake christian (a "religionist", today's vast majority) never had it to begin with!

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