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What's wrong wiith the human race?!?

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What's wrong wiith the human race?!? Empty What's wrong wiith the human race?!?

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:39 pm

(A remedy!!)
.....[[ Title: RE-INSTATING GOD's BLUEPRINT ]] (GOD=The Maker of All Things)
What happened to the human race that caused "role" reversals, that produced immature little boys, and women acting like men?
[No wonder things are as bad as they are!]
What is the "proof" that shows up in the results of our combined chaotic behavior [now at the lowest common denominator, instead of where it needs to be, the highest, for us all to have a real life]???
It is that females keep males "little boys" to manipulate & control them, not realizing that they themselves are controlled by mankind's worst enemies, thru the female's thoughts, feelings & emotions!
["If you are looking down on others, you'll never see what is above you!" C.S. Lewis]
Therefore, the men are always immature ("boys & games" & "lost" asking for directions, when they should be helped by the women ("help-mates", the one reason God created females, to be man's best friend down here, not to engage in a "war of the sexes", where satan is in control of this world; and, most females refuse to have men & GOD as authority figures over them, (the only way life was designed to work) men helped by the women to be wise, kind, mature & loving leaders who protect & give guidance, instead of asking for directions!
This all started back in *Genesis 3: 1-13, where Eve was deceived by mankind's worst enemy & then usurped [stole] her husband's authority and spoke for the 2 of them to the serpent {satan within}, when she should have had her trained husband deal with it [this is REAL history, folks];
and, Genesis 6:1 & 2 [where many females abandoned or deserted the males & shacked up with fallen angels, who at that time could appear as fully-functioning males {"Earth-Girls are Easy"}; this produced a race of mutant half-breeds ("giants" in various ways) that had to be wiped out in the flood of Noah, so that the Messiah ( Jesus Christ as GOD ) could come thru a pure human race!
[Again, real history from the best history book on the planet: *scripture] If we all adhere to the basic design (blueprint) of creation, the natural roles would produce life, hope, real love & save the "family" from further destruction, with loving relationships, where hope and love would find a home in the family again!!!
[Only guys have built-in codes, the females don't....women are
supposed to be the vp, not the pres.....
-different roles, yes, from The Maker of All Things; for instance,
guys can't have babies...different roles..
the man is supposed to be the harder outer core of the family, and the
woman is to be the softer inner core, in a one-flesh relationship,
helping him to be the best that he can be: wise, Mature and loving.
Most females keep the men immature little boys for $$$ and security
[power trip, not love Love withheld is Hate!],
and the 'guy codes' never mature, and the females get away with Murder!
The "men" stay little boys with toys,
and everyone is entertained to death, while the family dies around
~~~CDC: "1 in 12 teens attempts suicide a year"~~~
~~~CDC:: "Suicide rate among girls 'skyrockets' 76%"~~~
"Queen Victoria, the woman who ruled the British Empire for 64 years,
{in the 19th century}, dismissed women's rights as "mad folly";
and let's not forget that while in public she was a dutiful wife {and mother} who
advocated obedience to her husband, Prince Albert."
~From an article by Julia Baird, Newsweek, Jan. 25, 2010~
{Queen Victoria would have appreciated the outcome of roles,
 and enjoyed the movie "Date Night"-2010}
~~~Never hide anything; it will re-appear at the worst possible moment~~~JS
Satan & the demons {fallen angels who put thoughts in our heads in our own thought voices} have been deceiving the human race, mostly thru our females {like eve first}, for 10, 000 years, and STILL humans haven't learned to defend themselves in thoughts & actions, as if it didn't matter~It's time for all of us to have a life protected from their deadly,  negative influence!
The "incited" conflicts on the planet would end, along with suicide {CDC:: "1 in 12 teens attempts suicide a year"~}
& suicide bombings~

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