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Is 'santa' a christian theme?

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Is 'santa' a christian theme? Empty Is 'santa' a christian theme?

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:46 pm

Is "santa" a Christian symbol for Christmas?
He represents "what do I get"[self-centered, the way we were born, lost].....
......Christ represents "what do I give" [others-centered, the way God is, the goal of salvation].
Children resent being lied to about santa, and wonder if the story of Christ is a lie, too (this is the biggest danger);
children figure out that santa couldn't go down all those chimneys in one night, in their own town, much less the whole planet; and resource-less parents only use santa to try to get children to behave the whole year by reinforcing the first point, "if you don't behave, santa won't bring you anything"!
Christmas as a national holiday doesn't owe its origin to "religion". Rather, President Grant made December 25 a national holiday so that Americans could pause and reflect on the philosophical achievements of Jesus and how those achievements have helped reinforce America's commitment to equality and justice.
This is a fact worth celebrating without the materialism of "santa".

Easter is the other problem, with the bunny & eggs replacing the reason for Easter, Christ's resurrection...."He is Risen"!!
Just tell your children that rabbits don't lay eggs; chickens do!

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