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Evolution?: monkey business!!

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Evolution?: monkey business!! Empty Evolution?: monkey business!!

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:48 pm

Evolution?: Monkey business!!
.......We didn't come from any lower life form; no species has EVER evolved into another....(we started as humans in God's Eden) would be impossible for a lower order of creature [fauna] to evolve into a romantic & imaginative soul!
Even though they share common colours, you might as well ask a plant [flora] to evolve into a rainbow !

~A W-O-R-L-D F-I-R-S-T:: Day Glow Monkeys~
Japanese researchers @ the Central Institute for Experimental Animals have successfully introduced genetic changes to primates that have been passed on to offspring, 'creating' monkeys with a gene that makes their skin grow [glow] flourescent green.
There have been no reports until now of engineered genes being passed on to offspring."
The Asahi Shimbun 5/29/09
Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum

Victory for Haters
by: teptoe22 (25/Kansas) 12/20/05

That's really all this is... it's only legal in
America to discriminate against Christians.

You can publicly brag about fudge-packing, you can
slam a scissors into the brain of an infant and call
it a choice, and you can teach an unsubstantiated,
full-of-holes theory as a fact... and then legally
silence anyone who dares to question this fact.

This isn't about science. It's about hatred and discrimination.
"This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today."
Philosopher Michael Ruse

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