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Abortion: MURDER!!

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Abortion: MURDER!! Empty Abortion: MURDER!!

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:48 pm

Abortion: Murder!!
......The "choice" is made when people have sexual relations!!
At conception, that is a human being in there (although 1 fertilized cell), with its' own humanity-soul & its' own developing "body" ~~~As soon as the sperm hits the egg, it is a full human soul, just waiting for a body to grow up around it; a human from the start, just like you & me~~~
[whose life is it, anyway?].
~~~The second the sperm hits the egg and the cell divides,
there is a full human soul there [instantly],
just waiting for a body to grow up around it~~~
Just for the sake of an uninterrupted life-style, no responsibility for the 9 month period (adoption), and no "stretch marks", women (and men, as accomplices) are willing to commit pre-meditated murder! Ironically they, as hypocrites, are willing to file criminal charges against their fellow humans for petty offenses....but not against themselves for a heinous crime !!!

Rape? Incest? It is still murdering a soul that had nothing to do with it!--->ADOPTION, ADOPTION!!
Abortion choices hurt!
Sunday, Jan. 22, is the 33rd anniversary of a day that reminds me of three of the worst "choices" I ever made. Some may celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as I did for many years. For me now, it is a difficult day as I remember the three children whose lives I ended in abortion.
Those three choices were not informed choices. I was never told of the devastation the abortions would cause in my life. Nor were those three choices totally "free". I was pressured by many people and circumstances to abort my three children.
Ultimately, they were my choices, and I do accept responsibility for them. Jan. 22 is now a day when I speak out and say that I regret my abortions. I regret the deaths of Luke Michael, Grace Anne and Benjamin Lawrence. In speaking out, I honor them and work on my healing.
Susan Swander
Waldport, OR

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