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Healing childhood abuse~~~

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Healing childhood abuse~~~ Empty Healing childhood abuse~~~

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:49 pm

When you talk to the child, try to take him or her back, with your words, to the time before the incident/s took place, convincing the child that they should wait to be an adult to do adult things;
to wait, and not to let their childhood be stolen from them (they should reclaim or recapture it)...that childhood is NOT a time to be an adult
[it's a training period to learn by growing, with adult examples, but not everything is to be tried yet; like not flying a plane until you're a trained pilot];
a childhood free from the miseries that most "adults" got themselves into, or were forced on them.
Tell the child to "rebel" against going too fast past their personal speed limit, and enjoy simply being a child in an innocence of their own imaginative creation that actually becomes real; try to recapture their childhood by the picture you paint with your words, taking them to a real land they should inhabit before becoming an adult!

Read THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH [by Norton Juster] to them, so that they can learn "figures of speech" and how to use their imagination, and how to recapture "rhyme & reason" in their lives;

and, read the Apostle Paul's letters to them from the GOOD NEWS BIBLE [BEST translation for 'understanding'], 13 letters-Romans thru Philemon, because the Lord's spiritual words can heal any "injury"!
On: "spanking".......
We're not talking abuse, but a reasonable spanking [which is a form of real love] teaches a child his limits [his personal speed limit, so to speak], before he can injury or destroy himself by actually going through the tragedy~
My best to you & yours !

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