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The useless War of the Sexes!!

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The useless War of the Sexes!! Empty The useless War of the Sexes!!

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:50 pm

Gender Discrimination and mis-applied roles:
It's like a senseless seesaw, going back and forth for centuries, in this useless and loveless "war of the sexes".
The 'Maker of All Things' created us to love each other; the females...created to be the male's best friends, helping the men to be the best they can be...wise, mature & loving...obviously neither is doing their jobs!

When we simply and completely follow the basic blueprint of nature
[Read the monograph "What's wrong with the human race?' on this board],
we will have a REAL life of blessings for a change!
[Only guys have built-in codes, the females don't....women are
supposed to be the vp, not the pres.....
-different roles, yes, from The Maker of All Things; for instance,
guys can't have babies...different roles..
the man is supposed to be the harder outer core of the family, and the
woman is to be the softer inner core, in a one-flesh relationship,
helping him to be the best that he can be: wise, Mature and loving.
Most females keep the men immature little boys for $$$ and security
[power trip, not love; Love withheld is Hate!],
and the 'guy codes' never mature, and the females get away with Murder!
The "men" stay little boys with toys,
and everyone is entertained to death, while the family dies around
~~~CDC:: "1 in 12 teens attempts suicide a year"~~~
~~~CDC:: "Suicide rate among girls 'skyrockets' 76%"~~~
"Queen Victoria, the woman who ruled the British Empire for 64 years,
{in the 19th century}, dismissed women's rights as "mad folly";
and let's not forget that while in public she was a dutiful wife {and mother} who
advocated obedience to her husband, Prince Albert."
~From an article by Julia Baird, Newsweek, Jan. 25, 2010~
{Queen Victoria would have appreciated the outcome of roles,
 and enjoyed the movie "Date Night"-2010}
Even the smartest animals mate for life (and support each other); are we as smart as the animals, [who have no imagination or romance]
Re(1): The useless War of the Sexes!
Posted on September 10, 2007 at 11:16:52 PM by ellslips2in4us

I would love a Biblical union in my life and to be allowed to be what God intended me to be...a woman. Why do womem feel they need to be like men? God made us perfect the way we are. I love the statement about imagination and true! why can men and women not mate for life...If you love someone truely wouldn't you want them around for life? Why would you need anyone else if you had someone who loves you already. If we love each other and are committed to each others best interests how could we not accomplish all that we set out to do? It would be lovely to know that a mate would be there for me for life to help me through all that life has to dish up. Someone I could trust to always have my best interests at heart, and someone on whom I could lean when times were hard. For a mate like that I would give my all to return the same devotion, love, and caring.

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The useless War of the Sexes!! Empty reposted

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