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The 'SignPost' up ahead: BRIDGE OUT!!

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The 'SignPost' up ahead: BRIDGE OUT!! Empty The 'SignPost' up ahead: BRIDGE OUT!!

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:51 pm

The "Signpost" up ahead: BRIDGE OUT!!
[Speeding towards the wall!]
Interestingly, the human race is headed for a time when there will be a "one-world" religion (and "one-world" government).
NONE of the current 'religions' [DOA--"dead on arrival"--will make it pass this 'morph-change' wall, thru to the other side of change.....except for a completely bogus "christianity".... the issue of religious discrimination will sort of solve itself, in an odd, tragic sort of way, where deception completely rules the earth.

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