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666 finally explained---

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666 finally explained--- Empty 666 finally explained---

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 7:02 pm

For a long time, popular definitions have missed the basic meaning of Revelation 13:18, the verse about "the beast"..
.........Because no one has had the wisdom ("This calls for wisdom") to figure it out, all we get is 666 "bumper stickers" over the enigma/puzzle.
Only by praying for humility [God to strip away all your pride.....daily prayer is best] does a person get down to the pool of wisdom [and prayer for wisdom from God, "generously & graciously"], closing with "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"
..........God made humans in His "spiritual image", (since before becoming a Man for our sakes), HE was a pure, uncreated spirit being or entity.
HE has 3 ("Father", "Son", "Holy Spirit") primary ways of expressing Himself---> THOUGHT ("Father"), WORD ("Son") and ACTION ("Holy Spirit"), yet 1 GOD----->in Heaven 1+1+1=1......A human has 3 entirely different ways of expression, too---> thoughts, words and actions, yet there is 1 person there, not 3!...........

..........So, there are 3 primary areas of human endeavor: Intellect/Soul (reason, imagination, emotions, conscience, etc.), Physical (body) and Religious (spiritual)...
....God's number is 7 (or 777); man's number is 6 (we are created beings and 6 is as high as we can get).

When mankind reaches the "best" or "highest" he can do in OUR 3 primary fields--->Intelligence: we have broken the DNA code & been to the moon={equals} 6; Body: when we can't jump any higher, run or swim any faster, play any better={equals} 6; Religious or Spiritual:
when humans are all their own deceived, self-centered little "gods" and the Body of Christ, the real spiritual, has been "raptured" (the "catching away of the Body of Christ Church")={equals} 6................
.............So, 666 is the culmination or best/worst effort of the three primary areas of humanity and will initiate the "worst times the earth has ever seen or will ever see again"={equals} Total Deception ////
Satan becomes "the father", the nice-guy anti-christ becomes "the son" and the false prophet becomes a visible "holy spirit"!
[[See: "Who is GOD?" and "True Spirituality" on this forum]].......................
....................Here is wisdom!
Best regards, Captain Church
----->>>>>If you are reading the above "post" AFTER the "rapture" (or "catching away of the Body of Christ church", or assembly) ....
....DO NOT take the "mark of the beast", whatever that world ID "mark" is, and rather, DIE for the sake of Jesus Christ
[SEE---> "Who is GOD??" on this forum] would have to believe that Jesus is GOD in order not to take the mark of the world, who NO ONE fits into without total deception-slavery!

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