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---Race relations & prejudice

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---Race relations & prejudice Empty ---Race relations & prejudice

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----Race relations & prejudice
Every human ever born is at least 33rd cousins!

Skin color means nothing!
God scattered people at the Tower of Babel all over the planet, confused their languages and changed their appearance & skin color to keep them from "going overboard"!
Different skin color is like cars rolling off the assembly line in Detroit....It's the same basic car, just a different paint job!
A car painted red (or white, or black, or green, etc.) is no better or worse than any other's just a matter of choice!!
Prejudice is a form of insanity! UNEQUAL opportunity, arrogance & the greed of Oligarchs/Dictators/BigBusiness is really to blame for poverty!
(Especially in the USA, where Abraham Lincoln once said: "Equal opportunity for every American in the unfinished work of America!"
A Texas Hero of Integration: [General Discussion section]
A Texas Hero for Father's Day by Jim Sorrell CaptainChurch My father, Howard C. Doolittle of San Antonio was the Father of Intergration in Texas in the 40's, 50's and early 60's. De-segregation was mostly tried in America and failed.

Tribute: Hero of Integration -
My dad, Howard C. Doolittle, the Father of Integration in Texas, was born on St. Patrick's Day in the 1st decade of the 20th Century [He died on Jan. 1, 1966, in Disneyland]

Posted July 18, 2004 09 AM    

My dad, Howard C. Doolittle, the Father of Integration in Texas, was born on St. Patrick's Day in the 1st decade of the 20th Century [He died on Jan. 1, 1966].
As principal of Emerson Jr. High in San Antonio, he developed the model that was used throughout Texas, and elsewhere that wanted a peaceful mixing of the races. It worked because it was true "integration"; not "desegregation" (a failed concept, less than a half-measure). The sign in his school halls said it all: "Everyone's Equal"!
We lived by that in our community is too bad, tragic even, that the USA has never practiced the one thing that would let it live up to its' tremendous, capable power [the rich would be even richer; and there would be no poor, no homeless, no disfranchised]; the potency of 300 million residents all fulfilling their real potential!
Dad once addressed the UN General Assembly, in the summer of 1964, shortly before he fell ill. He had been invited, by a group of small countries, to show that equality at the UN (called the UNO then) would allow that body of nations to be truly united, and function for the first time the way it was intended! The big or rich countries, including his own, ignored the sage advice and kept on proving that the UN doesn't work.....a lesson it continues to demonstrate today!
We are all created equal; but there are those who insist, by the point of some form of suppression, oppression or aggression, that only a few get to share the resources of the earth and have a real life; that the pigs "are more equal than others" [Animal Farm]!
So, as we dig through the first decade of the new century, the entrenched failures of humanity keep us locked away from the hope of fulfillment that the promise of equality would have given us! Green hats off in salute to my Dad, who tried to show the way, and paid for it with his life!

[by Doug Doolittle]
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