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The reason for this forum.......

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The reason for this forum....... Empty The reason for this forum.......

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The Jerusalem Bible [1966-Library of Congress: 66-24278, "Introduction to Saint Paul, pg. 254]
--->In the shoes (sandals) of the Apostle Paul: "Some passages in his letters were obviously written only after long and careful thought, but mostly his letters suggest spontaneity and lack of revision, and this is why Paul's sentences sound dynamic, and why he seems to pack so much into them.
He is not easy to read; profound thoughts expressed by an urgent writer never are, however, some passages have an extraordinary spiritual and literary power!"
The posts on this site are in the same vein, sponsored by the Holy Spirit!
--->By Captain Church (the last in the line of the "Body of Christ" teachers, at the end of the 'Age of the Gentiles'....or, "ministry of loose ends".).....

.........To: ALL ----> Please help to save lives by spreading
these volunteer (no $$$) web addresses
everywhere!.....{including "Suicide Vaccine": a figure
of speech, is a life preserver made up of words....and
it works to prevent more NEEDLESS deaths and
Many thanks, Santiago --->
"It's not that I'm so smart,
it's just that I stay
with problems longer."
~~Albert Einstein~~
--->SEE such topics as: "A new fact about Jesus Christ", "666", "Sunset in the Garden of Eden", ""1st Class on the TITANIC---", "The Declaration of Re-Independence", "The reason for Faith", "LOVE is the Real Thing", "Who is GOD??", "Water baptism is NOT from God anymore!", "True Spirituality", "Why fight over the 10 Commandments??", "The useless War of the Sexes", "What's wrong with the human race? A remedy!!", 'A solution to homelessness!' and a solution to ending impulsive behavior/war/incited violence, 99% of theft, the source for a 50% increase in health for the human race [[King Solomon's Herb book]] and a 90% improvement in the condition of the human race where everyone shares....NOT Utopia, but a humanity that works for a change, where we ALL can have a real life!!!
Best regards, Santiago
--->These above-mentioned sites [wisdom, common sense & spiritual
teaching] are where the light lives!

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