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King Solomon's Herb Book & "Who are YOU?!?"

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King Solomon's Herb Book & "Who are YOU?!?" Empty King Solomon's Herb Book & "Who are YOU?!?"

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 7:09 pm

Contact me personally and I will give you ("what you have been given freely, freely give away!") the secrets of King Solomon's Herb book, who was the wisest human on earth, who had "recipes" of exact formulas of herb blends for added years of excellent health.....'you are what you consume'
----->the implications of this "book" [The libraries in Alexandria and Jerusalem had copies, both destroyed by fires] would be a 50% increase in health for the human race, and for most people an 80 to 100% increase in health and longevity to finally have a real life in!
(See: "1st Class on the TITANIC---" and "The Declaration of RE-Independence", as well as the "The reasons for this forum/homeless solution" on this forum)

...and--->[Who are you??].....A lot of people never find their niche, or place in life because they don't even know what their name means, and how it applies (sometimes now a 'figure of speech') to 21st Century life.
God gives us all our names, and they indicate where our potential lies to fully express ourselves, to become something we love to do, or even survive sometimes! The first name on the birth certificate is the main, operative definition.....the middle name only is in support of the first name [but, look it up too; it's part of your "meaning", or who you are].
----->Go to the library reference desk and ask the librarian for their books on the definitions of first names; sit down for a few hours, and do a name study for your life's sake!
Then you can pick out those little opportunities that come along in life, tailor-made just for you, instead of being in a daze at all the stuff coming at you and stumbling to make the right decision, sometimes [or all the time] missing out!
"Make the most of yourself,
for that is all there is of you."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
"I think, therefore I am......I think."
George Carlin
[departed the world's stage-June 2008]
*~"Youth wants to seek out the truth, and out of this search various forms of change are bound to come", [his eyes sparkling, former Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai responded [1971] to what he thought of American hippies]~*
--->Remember, keep yourself safe and alive by not going past your 'personal speed limit' {figure of speech},
    [but it also includes doing anything else while you or others are driving....i.e. phones, goofin', etc.]<---
"The taller the bamboo grows,
the lower it bends."
~Chinese proverb~
Best regards for a complete life,
Jim Sorrell

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