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~A wake-up call for the human female!

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~A wake-up call for the human female! Empty ~A wake-up call for the human female!

Post  Admin Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:36 pm

~Many females have driven off their men because they won't let them be
the natural leader of the family that 'The Maker of All Things'
intended! This produces misery and single parent households, and
could be avoided! {The children suffer, of course~}
By usurping {supplanting/stealing} their leadership role {like Eve
did who spoke for the relationship and destroyed the human race}
females lose their "womanhood", and end up keeping the man an immature
little boy (thru sex or food, etc.) for power manipulation, often only
for $$$ or security.
The men, who can't perform their natural duty often leave [unless
caving-in to this unnatural condition and become "beta males", a role
reversal like in the Garden of Eden:::A wake-up call for the human male--->Wake Up and Grow Up!!};
unlike the male, females are in
open rebellion against the man as leader over them, and rebellion
against God as their final authority! {CDC:: 1 in 12 teens attempts suicide a year"}
If they would, as "help-mates", assist their men to become the best
that they can be {wise, mature and loving}, the woman would experience
Eros/phileo, the best that relationships can offer {the original
plan}. And relationships are vital and irreplaceable as a social
condition, and we all suffer their absense!
~Consider "The useless War of the Sexes" and "What's wrong with the
human race? A remedy!!" on the sites included, follow the original
blueprint, and great satisfaction & happiness would follow~
Remember "ladies", love withheld is hate!
Any absence of selfless love is filled by the vacuum of hate, the
current condition on most of this planet, and the real demons laugh at
our foolishness! They manipulate us for their own selfish desires
through our own thoughts, feelings and emotions; we thus mis-use our
very souls.
No guy ever had to write a book called "10 things women do to mess up
their lives" {close to the actual title}.
Only guys have "guy codes", but they don't work in immaturity. If
females run the show, then there are no rules at all, and look at the
horrible mess of the human race today as a result!!
[[A few months ago, a television actress {in a show about NYC}
was asked how she would do in a "cat fight";
she said: "You know, the guys have 'guy codes',
but we girls don't have any rules at all; I think I would do OK"!]]
~~~Today, females are doing everything BUT their job,
even elevating animals above humans with wasted, lavish attention!
Animals have no soul, but people do~~~
Didn't any of you girls ever read the good conclusion in Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew'?!?
"Queen Victoria, the woman who ruled the British Empire for 64 years,
{in the 19th century}, dismissed women's rights as "mad folly";
and let's not forget that while in public she was a dutiful wife {and mother} who
advocated obedience to her husband, Prince Albert."
~From an article by Julia Baird, Newsweek, Jan. 25, 2010~
{Queen Victoria would have appreciated the outcome of roles,
 and enjoyed the movie "Date Night"-2010}
"LOVE is what you do for all others that is in their highest or best
interests, anytime, anywhere, selflessly---24/7"
My best to you,
James Sorrell

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~A wake-up call for the human female! Empty Re: ~A wake-up call for the human female!

Post  Admin Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:13 pm

~~~Up until this day of my 66 timed years on earth,
all I've mostly witnessed is stupid, self/other's destructive females,
who haven't got a clue as to their true, real potential as women!
They are loveless~
Jim Sorrell/DougDoolittle/CaptainChurch

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