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Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:24 pm

The world is full of religions, and none of them life improving, with love for all, or getting worse? (The world, then, is full of what?)
When one is serious about a relationship with the 'Maker of All Things', that person needs to know who he is talking to. With the fall of Adam & Eve (real history), the spiritual connection between GOD and the human race was broken.
We are all born spiritually dead (except for the one supernatural birth in a manger); we are in need of a re-connection to the original life source. The problem is that it is pure and we are not...we are born "self-centered" and the 'Maker of All Things' is "others-centered" in the original essence. ("others-centered" defines LOVE as what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interest, anytime, anywhere, selflessly 24/7)
The enemies of mankind are mostly responsible for all the religions, so that mankind will get impulsively lost in the pursuit of truth, if it even looks at all.
( One of the miseries mankind's worst enemies inflict on us is addressed & vaccinated, {SUICIDE VACCINE}, on this forum, or or
[groups---no chat; permanent essays]

When anyone is serious about learning the truth, willing to commit themselves to that truth in a relationship, submit to the highest authority, the 'Maker of All Things' (a benevolent King) will "open the door" and you can come in.
We are all born into a physical Body, and contained within that is the Soul: heart, mind, thoughts {{vital--->2 Corinthians 10:5 b & James 1:19---like putting an editor in your head to avoid impulsive behavior & obey God}}, intelligence, imagination, human spirit, conscience, feelings, emotions, will, etc. But at our core (Spirit), we are self-centered....not the originally created "others-centeredness"...we are spiritually dead.
The path to real spiritual life resides only in Romans 10:9 (The LORD God of Exodus 3:14 is the same God talking in John 8:24b...The GOOD NEWS BIBLE is about the only one that gets this all-important verse right! You must believe in how GOD (John 1:1) (objectiveness) chose to appear before mankind and believe in that; NOT how anyone else claims to define it, for misguided or deceptive reasons! It is so vital, because it is your life !!

In regard to genuine believers [Romans 10], { besides the crippling effect of anything to do with water baptism-1Corin. 1:17 }, one of the biggest problems for Christians today is not being able to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit coming thru their fellow believers!
Most real Christians are still "baby" Christians, infants who are incapable of doing their real work because of a lack of spiritual growth and maturity & bad doctrine---like any infant they can only think of what they want, and don't have the maturity & wisdom to "fight the good fight", or anything else scripturally needed.
As a result, "teamwork" almost does not exist; and teamwork is a prime requirement for a fully functioning Body of Christ on this planet.
This is a "call" for my brothers and sisters in Christ to grow up, and do some real grunt work & sacrificial love, instead of just enjoying their materialistic life in is so bad that not even one of them has invited me into their homes yet; Christ will point out to them some day that He and the Apostle Paul wouldn't have been invited in either!
"I shut my eyes in order to see."
Paul Gauguin  1848-1903
"The 'christian church' in all its freakish ramifications and efflorescence's is as dead as a doornail;
 it will pass away utterly when the political and social system in which it is now embedded collapse.
 The new religion will be based on deeds, not beliefs."
  ~~~Henry Miller, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, 1945~~~
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