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~A NEW fact About Jesus Christ~

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~A NEW fact About Jesus Christ~ Empty ~A NEW fact About Jesus Christ~

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:25 pm

By virtue of study, and discipling by the Holy Spirit, here is a previously undisclosed fact about Jesus Christ: Keep in mind that ---> "sin causes death".
Without sin, there would be no death [as the eternal condition, in our new, ageless, prime-forever, spiritual bodies will prove out when believers inherit them]. Christ, as the Creator, was able to pay for ALL sins as the only [blemish-free lamb-sacrifice] sinless person on the planet.
And since He made us all, he could die for us all...the only one who could do that.
.....Let's say that instead of starting his ministry in his prime (30 years old), he waited another 30 years, for the people of Israel to know him better, and the current crop of Pharisees to die out.
During those years his disciples would have grown into gray, old men while he stayed a forever young-looking 33 year old.
Since He was sinless, he could grow to his "prime" and stay there (literally forever, if He had not sacrificed himself). And because He died without sin, death could not hold him; therefore, all of us in the Body of Christ [these last 2,000 years] that were with him spiritually, on the cross/buried/resurrected, receive & share the new life when He resurrected; this is what we get when we are "saved" {Romans 10:9}. Eventually, had God not chosen to die at 33, He would have been considered a freak that could not age; and people would have either worshipped him for the wrong reason (not for his "word", but because of what he looked like as the perpetual young man), or they would have killed him out of envy!
So, as in all other things, God is also the master of timing!

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