The King James Version is flawed!

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The King James Version is flawed!

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:26 pm

The KJV bible (old or new) is heavily flawed; who said the Holy Spirit was behind the translation??
That view is "tradition", not Creator ordained; obviously God had something to do with enlarging the witness to the Gentiles by using english, but satan tampers with everything, including our first creation, the Garden of Eden!
[Proof of KJV inaccuracy is the word "kill" instead of the proper translation "murder" in one of the 10 commandments...."Thou shalt not....."]
The KJV is not even the "original".....the Greek text is, and is 1600 years older! Romans 10:9 is the most important verse in the bible for salvation, during these last 2,000 years of Faith alone & grace; and yet it is severely flawed (satan interfered with the KJV's translation of Romans 10:9) in what it should say to convey exactly what is the point...that Jesus is God, Himself.....the NIV and GNB, and most others, get it right.
The best translation of Romans 10:9 is "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord".......(John 1:1, John 8:24b in the GOOD NEWS BIBLE equals Exodus 3:14)......."and believe in your heart that He was raised from the dead, you will be saved" (God raised himself from the dead; He is "omnipresent".
You have to believe that Jesus is GOD himself, the one that talked to Moses, in order to be saved and go to Heaven! Also, like a lot of others, the KJV gets the all-important John 8:24 verse wrong, not putting the Proper name there...instead, just a noun and a verb! This verse, properly translated, shows it is the 'Maker of All Things" talking [I AM THAT or WHO I AM=proper name], in His new human body--->Jesus Christ

Also: What do we do with scripture in Greek and Hebrew??.......God doesn't want us to become Greek and Hebrew language scholars: he wants us to concentrate on and take a simple message to---> mankind, that everyone can understand!
That is why I tell people that the GOOD NEWS BIBLE (besides getting John 8:24b right where the others fail) is the "best" translation, because everyone can understand it, and easily translate it into other languages! {GNB, the industrial-strength 1976 edition, before it was "politically corrected"}
Most newer translations get Romans 10:9 right, but the KJV gets it wrong. The best translation is: "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord [the same LORD GOD of the Old Testament], and believe in your heart that He was [God] raised [him] from the dead, you will be saved"! [In the NIV & others Romans 10:9, the ONLY open door to Heaven by Faith, thru Grace, equals John 1:1....and in the GNB Exodus 3:14=John 8:24-b].
....Best regards and keep it simple!

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