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Discipling-2 letters Ch.2

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Discipling-2 letters Ch.2 Empty Discipling-2 letters Ch.2

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:33 pm

[Chapter two]: ayanyimika ayanlola wrote:
You are such a wonder to me. How come you know so much? Thanks for helping out. Your message really struck me; I know I need so much wisdom. I now understand the more what it means by walking by faith and not by sight.
Am sorry for calling you an apostle; it was knowledge not completed. Now I know the meaning of so many things. If you are the Chief ambassador, what them am I? The ambassador’s friend or what? I refuse to be named that way; I am also a chief Ambassador. Hope you don’t mind? I once said you are an angel; I’ve not yet refrained my words. You seem to teach according to what questions are in the mind of a person.
Let me ask you these questions of mine……You are a man that wants to go for an interview. You have a blue suit and a yellow pen; you want to wear the pen on the Suit, and everyone tells you it is a colour clash. Only you know that the pen can go with the suit. You are so convinced about it. What can you do to make everyone see through your eyes, that the pen blends with the suit?
2: There is an old long Bridge; since I was born nobody as been accounted to have crossed the Bridge. In fact, if you decide to cross and then you fall into the river, there are crocodiles in the river. But you are told at the other end of the bridge, there is a chest of Gold on the ground. You then make up your mind to leave for the journey, and everyone is against the wish. What can you do to make them know you can survive.
These are some of my coined questions. I’d be glad if they could be properly addressed. I love the way you answer. God Bless you
Ayanlola……………………………………………………………………………………………………...Ayanlola: Your first question, "how come I know so much?".....I did what I am advising you to do---pray daily for God to strip away all your soulish pride [we all tend to come first in our own lives---self-centeredness is pride...."me first, I'm better"]; pray for Wisdom ["Heavenly Father, I pray for wisdom, please give it to me generously and graciously"], and close all your prayers with "In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen".... both his earth name 'Jesus' and His Heavenly name 'Christ' is necessary [Acts 3:6] ! Then STUDY at least an hour each day in ALL the Word of God.....get a copy of the GOOD NEWS BIBLE (if possible, 1976 edition) and get 5 (Five) bookmarks! Each day, in order thru the books [don't skip around], Read :: 1 chapter (ch.) of the Old Testament [Genesis thru Malachi]; 1 ch. of Proverbs (according to the # day of the month---for example, Feb. 22 would be Proverbs 22---each month you've read all of Proverbs---March 1 starts Proverbs 1 again, etc.; 2 1/2 pages of Psalms [front & back of 1 page=2 pages.....about 5-8 chapters a day; 1 ch. of the New Testament in this order---John, Matthew, Luke, Mark, then Acts thru Revelation (Christ is portrayed in theme, as: John=God, Matthew=King, Luke=servant and Mark=man (keep these themes in mind when you are in each "gospel" & it will help understanding); and then the most important reading will be in Paul's letters to us gentile Christians for the new covenant he started, the Body of Christ (that was never seen by the Old Testament prophets), Romans thru Philemon....this is OUR mail...everything else was written to others---all of scripture is beneficial, but this is the current contract or covenant between God and mankind that is in effect {Romans 10:9 is the only open door to Heaven these last 2,000 years---by Faith alone} !!! [You will be in a closed circuit, staying in Paul's letters with 1 of the bookmarks, starting back in Romans when you finish Philemon] !!! This is your daily prayer and study cycle, including a daily prayer with all of Psalms 122: 6-9--------. As to the rest of your letter, there is only one (1) Chief Ambassador, for life, on the planet at one time, until he dies and is replaced with someone else by God; ALL Christians are "ambassadors for Christ" though.-----Only angels are angels, I'm human! The Holy Spirit knows what is in your mind, so it comes thru me, that is originates (begins) with God, not me!.......[now---the suit, pen & river part]...Write a letter to them with the yellow pen on a piece of blue paper and see if they get the "message".....with the "bridge" story, I would first eat the local crocodiles and then cross the bridge....people would then know that you will be fine!
Best regards, James
{2007: Letter to another fellow in Bangledesh, Robert}
For the last 50 years, among the human race & real Christians, there has been a loss of "sound doctrine"------>>>the basis for real Love!

There can be NO Love without 'Sound Doctrine'...."the rules" for real Christians these last 2,000 years.

Without Sound Doctrine, the human race is in a loveless condition.....

~~~Love can only exist when 'order' exists ["God is a God of order, not chaos"]~~~{Sound Doctrine for real Christians is in Paul's letters, Romans through Philemon {13 letters}....and according to our times {where scripture is Complete}, and does not require the "WOW" stuff before scripture was completed!!~~~

About 50 years ago, a bible prophecy was fulfilled when people fell away from "the rules of the road", so to speak:::"they won't stand sound doctrine, just wanting their ears tickled":::......just wanting to hear only the part of God's message that won't cost them anything in terms of sacrifice & pig-like in the USA, they fall in love with $$$money$$$ and become comatose {biologic robots}, materialistic, heartless & loveless spectators, who really don't want to undergo real persecution for the sake of Jesus Christ, but just enjoy their comfortable life in DisneyLandUSA~~~Mostly in subjective FantasyLand, where objectivity is smothered in self!
------>>>You are at least spared that, living half-way around the planet; but this lack of sound doctrine has spread everywhere!

~~~The truth comes from the "lighthouse" that I tend~~~"Pharos II" {Pharos 2}
Best regards,


Jim {Just call me Captain}


P.S. [Real Love]

~~~Love is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests, anytime, anywhere, selflessly 24/7!~~~

{Robert: The Holy Spirit helped me write this.........Jim}

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