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A Homeless Solution:: IF people care!!

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A Homeless Solution:: IF people care!! Empty A Homeless Solution:: IF people care!!

Post  Admin Fri Jun 27, 2008 7:08 pm

To ALL : --->Having experienced homelessness (by losing an investment), I see that current "shelters" are warehouses, the pinnacle of Tokenism, the visible tip of the iceberg.
Everyone needs a home, to maintain a steady balance to succeed.....homeless people are on shifting sand!
"Shelters" should be "clearing houses" ...(only a short stay & then re-located into the community)... a clearing house with a built in "buddy-system" ["matching" process begins the first day with someone who, like themselves, needs someone to look after their interests!] that prevents "drowning"; for even the oldest book says that it is "not good for man to be alone"...he just gets into trouble.
A "clearing house" staff would get to know the person quickly and intensely (A predator wouldn't like to be known, so he flees the community.....which is your Best form of protection!).

People would work in the "clearing houses" that know the community and its' people, like matchmakers, matching up folks with a compatable job, and living with someone in their home.
The same book says "Open your homes to strangers", and with proper human concern for the homeless first.....
[instead of social "companies" who use the homeless for their funding & grants, jobs and their own homes & lives.....and are themselves the other problem, besides obscene community apathy nationwide.]
.....with proper concern for the people themselves who need a home, and who could fit quickly into a community's job and housing structure, and complement it..... instead of herding the homeless out of sight into a warehouse.....or, in one case, a basement "sewer" [As single men in Madison, WI are treated, with very unsanitary conditions]
Everyone needs a grow into a mature, contributing community member & good neighbor, with a real life!

A model of such a new system should be set up, and then used everywhere for man's humanity to man!
--->>>(Old folks who face having to leave their homes, because they can't take care of themselves adequately, and terrified of "old folks home/managed care facilities", could be properly matched up with a compatible homeless person, and both would benefit!)
--->>>~The poor and the homeless are prisoners of war~
*{Warred on by the fallen angels and their greedy $rich$ humans}
"The middle class is not really concerned about the poor.
Unless it affects them directly, the reality is that they don't speak up."
Bela Bhatia
~Center for the Study of Developing Societies~

Best regards,

General - A Homeless Solution: IF people care!
From: fuzzwald 3:45 am
To: CaptChurch

A while ago, homelessness was seen as a problem that other countries had. Poorer countries. But, during the Reagan years, the idea took hold that homeless people deserved their predicament and/or wanted it. Limbaugh's "homeless update" was symptomatic of the cold hearted, greed headed, stupid rationalization of suffering that gets de-oderized and pawned off as conservative ideology. Now we have a whole generation of Americans who are none the wiser. (More recently, the same transformation of thought is being directed at democracy and the Bill of Rights. But that's for another part of this board: "The Declaration of RE-Independence".)

This plan to aid the homeless is an improvement over the current state of affairs.

Lisa LeBrecque [policy & advocacy director] of the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness:
"Living on the streets is so hard on people's health; the homeless are three to four times more likely to DIE prematurely than those with homes!
~~~CDC:: "Suicide rate among girls 'skyrockets' 76%"~~~
~~~CDC:: " 1 in 12 teens attempts suicide a year"~~~
It's important for people to remember that folks are homeless all year round and not just @ Christmas!"
{3,000+ homeless in Albuquerque each night <--NHC for the Homeless Coalition quote.....not to mention ALL the other cities & towns in DisneyLandUSA, where most people live in elitist FantasyLand~~~}
A brief tribute~July 2009
Poverello Center director Ellie Hill also sent this note about Richard Roy Jones:

“The man who drowned in the Clark Fork this past weekend in Missoula, MT was one of our clients languishing on the waiting list to get into the Valor House.  Richard Roy Jones was a Native American and an honorably discharged homeless veteran — enrolled in the Veteran Administration/Poverello Center’s Homeless Veteran Program.  He served in the USMC from 1980 to 1983.  Richard had finally made it to the eighth in line — after months trying to succeed under the constraints of our overcrowded shelter — when he succumbed to the elements and to his addictions. Mr. Jones was not a transient. He was a Missoulian and a really well-liked, fantastic guy.”

– Keila Szpaller,
  Missoulian newspaper reporter

Posted on July 23rd, 2009

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